August 21, 2020 at 12:19 pm

XM release shows average daily energy generation in Colombia was 184.4 GWh

By Sandesh Ilhe

Status of the main variables of the Colombian electricity system as of July 31, 2020: energy reservoirs, water inputs, generation and energy demand:

Power reservoirs

The aggregate level of the electric power generation reservoirs stood at 62.5% of the useful volume, 15 points above the level reported at the end of June (47.5%). When performing the analysis by hydrological regions, the Caribbean is at 78.6%, Valle at 64.8%, Oriente 76.5%, Antioquia 61.9% and Center 53%.

Hydric inputs

Water contributions closed the month with an average of 104.3% compared to the historical monthly average. The region with the highest water contributions was Valle with 120.65%, followed by Antioquia with 115.41%.


On average, during the month of July, energy generation was 184.4 GWh-day, 3.64% above that reported in May (177.89 GWh-day).

83.20% of generation, equivalent to an average 153.4 GWh-day, was the product of renewable resources; the remaining 16.80%, equivalent to an average 31 GWh-day, was from non-renewable resources.

Energy demand

Energy demand in the month of July 2020 decreased -3.80% compared to the same month of 2019 in which there was a growth of 3.30%. So far this year it has reached an accumulated growth of -3.11%.

The full statement is available here .

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