August 21, 2020 at 11:53 am

Pollution crisis in your city will be severe; Drastic changes can be seen

By Sandesh Ilhe

The air is thin…and deadly. Regulators in Colorado have announced they’re planning to launch an investigation after an oil refinery north of Denver sent toxic emissions into the air above permitted levels. The Denver Post reports that one local county official said the company operating the refinery, Suncor Energy, has reverted to a simple strategy: “problem, apology, repeat.”

Bedlam at the border. It’s no secret that border wall construction has been given legal go-ahead to eschew many laws. Now, the Tucson Star obtained emails from U.S. Fish and Wildlife officials who warned the Department of Homeland Security that its actions were destroying a protected refuge. Construction did not slow.

Carbon dioxide concentrations continue rising to new heights.

The toxic vacation spot. If you don’t live in Southern California, perhaps you don’t know this strange tidbit, but the largest lake in the most populous state was actually born from an engineering snafu that poured Colorado River water into the desert 115 years ago. Now, that body of water, called the Salton Sea, is an unholy public health crisis, as it’s quickly drying up and sending toxic, pesticide-laced dust into the air from its exposed lakebed. So what’s the fix? That’s a great question, one California still can’t answer. For The Desert Sun, I’ve got the latest updates on the state’s struggles to find a solution.

Pitting conservation against clean energy. As the saguaro is to Arizona, so is the Joshua tree to Southern California and parts of Nevada. The iconic — albeit super weird-looking — plant is up for protection under the California Endangered Species Act after the feds denied a similar request nationally. As opposing ideologies clash over the proposed listing, fears mount that developers will hurry up and destroy the plants while they still can. Then, the solar and wind industries joined the fight, arguing species protection would make their industry’s vitally important growth slow. Regulators quickly picked apart that claim, but on Thursday they still punted another month on protecting the gangly plants.

California is burning: Climate change is tossing fuel onto the flames that have set California alight. USA Today reports that more than 360 individual wildfires are burning across the state, pushed by high temperatures, wind and erratic weather patterns. Hundreds of thousands of acres have already gone up in the blazes.

Sandesh Ilhe

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